About The Council

Welcome to the United States Virgin Islands Local Food and Farm Council ----------------------------

a community-driven initiative dedicated to the prosperity of our farmers, fishers, and the vibrant United States Virgin Islands community.

The Virgin Islands Local Food and Farm Council, aligned with Mandate 5 of the Virgin Islands Agriculture Plan and ratified by the 35th Legislature under Act No. 8716, is powered by a profound mission to strengthen, rejuvenate, and fortify our local food system. Our dedication transcends beyond words; we’re in action mode. We’re actively striving to create a meaningful impact through:


Fostering collaborative endeavors that bring our community closer.


Embracing data-driven strategies that guide our path to a sustainable future.


Inspiring and educating the next generation about the vital importance of agriculture.


Enabling access to funding and resources that empower our mission.

About Us

We’re more than just a Council; we are passionate in our respective roles and dedicated to making a difference.

Our Council comprises 11 devoted members, each representing a unique aspect of our community related to fishing, farming, and business development.

Six esteemed governmental members, each contributing their expertise and perspectives.

Three thriving Virgin Islands farmers proudly representing their respective islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John.

Two dynamic representatives from the food industry, one from each district.

Our Mission

The Local Food and Farm Council, established in accordance with Act No. 8716, is dedicated to fostering the growth and sustainability of agricultural productivity in the Virgin Islands. Comprising a diverse group of stakeholders, we work collaboratively to advance the goals of the Virgin Islands agricultural plan and enhance food security for our community. Through policy advocacy, data collection, community engagement, and strategic partnerships, our mission is to promote the development of a resilient local food system that benefits farmers, fishers, the community, and the environment.

Our Vision

The Council envisions a future in which the Virgin Islands are recognized for their vibrant and resilient agricultural sector. We aspire to create a community where local farmers thrive, giving residents access to fresh, healthy, locally-produced food, and the environment is nurtured and protected through sustainable farming and fishing practices. With unwavering commitment, we will continue to collaborate with stakeholders, shape policy, and drive innovation to ensure the long- term prosperity of our local food, farming, and fishing ecosystem. Through our efforts, we aim to strengthen the connection between our residents and the food they consume, fostering a healthier and more sustainable Virgin Islands for generations to come.

Our Commitment

Central to our commitment is the active collection, evaluation, and sharing of data crucial to our local food system. We firmly believe collaborating with farmers and fishers and embracing data-driven practices can enhance sustainability, stimulate economic growth, and contribute to food security throughout the Virgin Islands.

Meet The Council


Dr. David Hall
LFFC Co-chair

University of the Virgin Islands

Dr. Louis E. Petersen, Jr.
LFFC Co-chair

Commissioner Nominee
VI Department of Agriculture

Dr. Usman Adamu
LFFC Member

Dean And Director
of The School of Agriculture
University of the Virgin Islands

Dr. Dionne Wells-Hedrington
LFFC Member

VI Department of Education

Jean-Pierre L. Oriol
LFFC Member

Department of Planning
and Natural Resources

Wayne L. Biggs Jr.
LFFC Member

Chief Executive Officer
USVI Economic Development Authority

Honorary Farmer Members

Ms. Abeba Sellassie
Honorary Farmer Member

The B-Hive Farm Collective

Dr. Nate Olive
Honorary Farmer Member

Ridge To Reef Farm

Mr. Edmon Titre
Honorary Farmer Member

New Breed Farm

Mr. Royce Creque
Honorary Farmer Member

Greenridge Guavaberry Farm


Dr. Renee Charleswell
LFFC VIDE Designee

Deputy Commissioner
of Curriculum and Instruction
VI Department of Education

Mr. Harith Wickrema
LFFC VIDE Designee

Island Green Living

Dr. Nicole Angeli
LFFC DPNR Designee

Director of Fish and Wildlife
Department of Planning
and Natural Resources

Dr. Sennai Habtes
LFFC DPNR Designee

Bureau Chief, Fisheries
Department of Planning
and Natural Resources

Our Shared Goal

At the core of the Virgin Islands Local Food and Farm Council is our commitment to unity and resilience within our food system. We’re excited to achieve this through a series of initiatives that uplift our community:

Celebrating our local products and establishing a unified branding approach, showcasing our rich culture and traditions.

Cultivating cooperation among local farmers, fishers, and producers creates a support and opportunity network.

Strengthening the overall resilience of our territory’s food system.

Transformative Endeavor

We invite every community member to explore more about us and join us on this critical journey toward enriching our local food system. Whether you’re a commercial farmer of any scale, a dedicated fisher, a visionary restaurateur, a backyard farmer, a gardening enthusiast, a “foodie,” or simply someone deeply concerned about the future of the Virgin Islands, the Council holds immense relevance for you. Your involvement in our mission is the cornerstone of our progress.

With the United States Virgin Islands Local Food and Farm Council, we can collectively shape our beloved territory’s more vibrant, resilient, and prosperous future in our food system. Your voice and unwavering passion will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for positive and enduring change on our journey toward food sustainability and security.

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