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The Eastern Caribbean Center (ECC) will conduct an annual Territory-Wide Agricultural Assessment to evaluate agricultural activities, business trends, and production, facilitating the implementation of the V.I. Agriculture Plan.

  • Collaboration: The ECC will collaborate with the Local Food and Farm Council and the Department of Agriculture to design an evaluation plan with outlined benchmarks for success, ensuring specificity in measurement and interpretation.
  • Methodology: The ECC will employ purposeful sampling for data collection outside the Agricultural Census years, maintaining a systematic structure for data collection.
  • Reporting: An annual agriculture progression report will be generated, and a database will be maintained for longitudinal analysis.
  • Expertise: Leveraging its status as the Virgin Islands Census State Data Center, ECC brings scientific methodology and population statistics expertise to the project.
  • Previous Work: ECC’s previous endeavors include an Agricultural Processing Plant feasibility study, the Local Food Consumer Survey, and the Virgin Island Community Survey (VICS), demonstrating its commitment to rigorous research in the domain.


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