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Great News for Farmers and Fishers! 

You can now proudly showcase the local origin of your produce with our customizable stickers, available in three convenient sizes:  small, medium, and large. These Product Stickers symbolize the freshness and quality of your offerings while supporting the EAT Local movement. Whether you’re selling farm-fresh vegetables, succulent seafood, livestock, or any other locally sourced delights, these stickers are a powerful tool to connect with conscientious consumers who prioritize supporting their community.

With our easy-to-use sticker options, it’s simpler than ever to distinguish your products as proudly local. From the farmers’ market to seafood stands by the shore, these stickers represent your commitment to sustainability and community support. Let your customers know that when they choose your goods, they’re not just buying local ingredients but investing in the vibrancy and resilience of our local economy.


Let your products shine with the VI pride of being truly homegrown!
Get your customized Product stickers today, designed specifically with farmers and fishers in mind, available in three sizes:  3×3 inches, 2×2 inches, and 1×1 inch. Enhance the presentation of your goods with these high-quality stickers, which are ideal for labeling produce and a range of farming and fishing items, all adorned with a unique representation of the Virgin Islands. 

To request the use of the Virgin Islands Local Food and Farm Council’s stickers on your products, farmers and food producers can follow a streamlined process designed to promote accessibility and inclusivity.

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