Delegate Stacey E. Plaskett


It is with great enthusiasm and a sense of shared purpose that I welcome you to the newly launched website of the Virgin Islands Local Food and Farm Council. I commend the Council for its leadership and initiative in creating this platform, which will serve as a cornerstone for information, collaboration, and advocacy. 

As someone who has passionately advocated for the agricultural sector, both in Congress and within our community, I understand the critical importance of initiatives like those undertaken by the Virgin Islands Local Food and Farm Council. It is through our combined efforts that we can cultivate a more resilient and sustainable food system, capable of overcoming the challenges of climate change, supply chain disruptions, and the unique hurdles faced by our territory.

Throughout my tenure, particularly on the Agriculture Committee, I have been committed to elevating the unique needs of the Virgin Islands. From championing the inclusion of our islands in critical federal programs to advocating for increased funding for agricultural and renewable energy projects, my goal has always been to ensure that our farmers and producers have the support and resources they need to thrive. 

The launch of this website marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable and self-sufficient future for the Virgin Islands. It serves not only as a resource but as a rallying point for all those committed to local food production and sustainability.

I encourage everyone—farmers, advocates, educators, and community members—to engage with the Council, utilize this platform, and contribute to the vital discussions and actions that will shape the future of agriculture in the Virgin Islands. Your feedback, experiences, and participation are crucial as we strive to build a more robust and resilient agricultural community for generations to come.


Stacey E. Plaskett

Member of Congress

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