Governor Albert Bryan Jr.

Welcome to the Local Food and Farm Council – where our love of good food meets our passion for community and sustainability.

The mission is simple yet profound: to protect farmland, nurture natural resources, and promote the overall well-being of our local economy. We are not just about enjoying delicious meals (although we certainly indulge in that). It’s all about em- bracing the abundance of products in the United States Virgin Islands. By supporting farmers, farm workers, fishermen, the businesses involved in processing local good- ies, and consumers like you, everyone can sit at this delectable table.

The Local Food and Farm Council plays a vital role in shaping agriculture plans by providing guidance and oversight of outreach activities for better understanding. This coalition serves as an advocate for voices hungering for more nutritious food from farms to tables and docks to dishes.

So, get ready – there’s a great deal of learning potential ahead! Your participation truly matters when preserving precious lands while enhancing economic opportuni- ties. Let’s join forces on this delightful journey because remember – happy tummies equal happy hearts!

Join us as we embark, step-by-step, toward positive change.

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Local Food and Farm Council